Is Sise

I am Herself; the one who keeps things together.


  1. The wordy one, yes? 🙂

    Been thinking about the two of ye off there in the hinterlands of Iceland, USA! Hope you have your power back – well, obviously you must since Peter sent an e-mail which brought me to this blog!


  2. Don’t quite know why, but Herself (meself) never could access this page! Today, though, I seem to be managing. Maybe I’ll drop by again some time!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful story, landmarks, musics…. and two of you too.
    Seems like you were inside of our “Vision of Europe” video in my restaurant! Which Peader was standing and spending lots of his time on the way to restroom while he was working 😉
    Peader & Mariaellen, God bless you ,all day today!! ^^

    • Thank you very much, Jennifer.

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