Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 23, 2019

A Quiet Morning

A quiet morning.  A quiet little town.

A time just before first faint light of dawn.

Nothing stirs; though night’s long sleep prepares

To take it’s leave behind her still closed eyes.


Suddenly now light swells within the room

Fills every corner, banishes all gloom.

No graceful day here hints sweet shades of

Rose and blue.  This is Heaven’s hint of Love!


Awake now, sitting mantled in the light

Poised on a frantic point between pure fright

And ecstasy, she holds herself, contains

The flood of fear, and joy so much like pain.


And waits, suspended in eternity.


Light bows profound before this peasant child

Softening from bright majesty to mild.

Address from graceful and shifting swirl

She hears as words and feels deep in her soul.


“The Lord is with you, Child of Grace,” she hears.

Yet while light continues she feels no fear.

The message? Hope for all! This light imparts

As love and childlike trust live within her heart.


“I am the Lord’s handmaid.  Let it be so.”

Her quiet words releasing it, Light goes.

And on her simple answer given rests

Creation’s pivot and the death of Death.


peg 12/23/2019





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