Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 15, 2016

The News Once Fit to Print

Here is an interesting article, despite one or two awkward editorial oversights.  It is interesting for not a few reasons.  Of course, you will not recognize, from the millions of words poured into our minds which directly oppose the portrait here made of him, the man we know now as pope Pius XII.  Wasn’t he the Jew hater?  Didn’t he have supper with Hitler?  And now, this????  That’s one reason.

You will also not recognize the current form of what was once called The Newspaper of Record; the New York Times from the things you read once printed on its editoral pages. And, there’s another reason.

Today’s Times bears a decided resemblance to the propaganda sheets once called simply “Truth” and “News” that gave the poor souls trying to live in their Worker’s  Paradise all the news that their masters thought fit to print; news which had no connection at all with truth or news.

Things Catholic, things Christian, things simply decent and human are rarely treated now, and may, soon, no longer be treated with the approval and respect you will read in the excerpts mentioned in the article.

I wonder now when the last time was that the New York Times took an editorial position that was even remotely favorable of anything the Catholic Church has said or done.

It seems to me that for the most part the reaction over there at the Gray Lady to things Catholic comes in one of the following forms, sniggering, mocking, outright opposition, disdain and the occasional nodding acknowledgement along the lines of, “Oh, yes, Catholics have been known to do this, too.”

Or, they write stories, humorous ones in their style pages assuming a mildly mocking, mildly astonished reaction that Catholics still do this, that, or, whatever.  They still forbid infanticide.  They still think marriage should be for life and only then between a man and a woman.

This is the Catholic Church, mind you, which those who look out on the world from the high towers of the Times, wish would wither, go away or be done away.  The same Catholic Church that gave the Western World its civilization. And, this is the same world now committing seppuku; disemboweling itself to a discordant haiku of rap and rock with a ceremonial “Tanto”(seppuku knife) forged of an alloy of progressivism, transgenderism, diversity, queer theory, radical feminism, intolerant tolerance and denial.  And all the while, at the Gray Lady, they sip a fine single malt.


George Marlin on ongoing smears of Pius XII and Hitler, ably refuted by Peter Bartley’s new book “Catholics Confronting Hitler.”


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