Posted by: Peadar Ban | April 3, 2016

A Poem: On The Pleasures of A Sleepless Night, Poison Ivy, Headache and Snow Falling Before Dawn Breaks

On The Pleasures of A Sleepless Night, Poison Ivy,

Headache and Snow Falling Before Dawn Breaks
5:30am, April 3, 2016

On such a morning as I would rather
Not have happen, cold, tired, I sit looking
Out and see the wood behind the house
Snaking up in silhouetted agony
Toward a dull blue tinged monotonous gray sky.
Cruel, wind bent black limbs twisting from black earth,
This wood lacks only a beast or two on the hillside
Where lost, afraid, frantic souls may wander.

In the dim globe’s glow from my back porch
A pitiful bit of snow in frenzied whirl,
Vortex of white, cold and lonely, falls
To unyielding wood, splatters blank windows
Dying away a useless skim of sweat
On the nail fixed measured weather grayed decking.

There is no color; none anywhere but
The tiny crocus in rows beside; just
Showing green yesterday in warm sunlight.
Pity them.  Pity, too, the daffodils
Whose buds’ bore yellow promise, bright delight
By snow splashed way from hill to river bank,
Steep trick leading to that cold stream waiting
In vain for the sun today. It won’t show.
I pray they prove their toughness by day’s end.

It is April after all, you know.  Should
We expect anything else of this month
So much like its rough rude twin September
At the year’s other end when rudeness is
The rule?  Yes, by God!  This is Spring!  Banish
This snow and all this snow untimely brings.
The unleaved trees need no winds, no roaring
Against the promise of soon sweeter days.

Let all this come back some bright, some ruddy
Tart apple afternoon, sun low’ring west
Towards winter’s snows when we are well ready
In September, a month made for it.  Yes!

April 3, 2016


  1. Best you’ve ever written.
    May Spring hurry a bit in honor of your poem.

    • Thank you RG. I appreciate that!


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