Posted by: Peadar Ban | October 17, 2015


P1110153After Morning Prayer

After Morning Prayer God comes to the woods.
He’s let a sunbeam down on which He slides
And not a busy bird or squirrel hides
From Him.  Trees that in night shade silent stood
Or shrouded in river mist shivered in slight wind,
He passing drapes in jeweled shawls, gold
Robes and crowns of ruby red.  As He strolls
The meadow deep in day’s new light He grins.
Done with prayer all of this I see
There with my wife and silence in the room
Until His eyes say come and play with Me.
As comet sun-ward zooms to perigee
I too race, forget all but He, One, True
God, Sunbeam Slider, broad smile welcoming.



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