Posted by: Peadar Ban | June 27, 2015

One Giant Leap

The birds sing sweetly outside in the cool early morning.  I sit listening to a Robin’s morning song, a Cardinal’s quiet call from the azalea bush just by the window.  The sun has risen behind a soft blanket of gray clouds gathering for the rain later this afternoon.  Nothing seems to have changed at all.

Did they know or notice any change, our first parents, on the morning after, looking back on the closed and guarded gates of Paradise?  Would not the birds have been singing that morning, and the sun in the sky; singing the same song, shedding the same light, as they began their long walk away?  Would they not wonder why?

It was such a beautiful tree, so ripe the fruit, so sweet the taste, so honest the desire, so appropriate the reason.  There was equality to be achieved. Is it not just?  And, against equality who can argue, or why quibble about methods?

Was not Joseph Stalin unconcerned with his methods: the famines, the purges, the gulags, needed to destroy the old culture of privilege so to shine on new turned earth the brightness of socialism, lighting the flame Equality across the world? Was the result not equal to the effort?

Can, or should, the new Caliph in the desert waste be concerned at all with the erasure of every trace of thousands of years of culture there, or the conversion or murder of any non-muslim in his sight, that he may bring the peace, the light of islam and the equality of sharia to his children?  Will that result not be greater than the effort?

And here, how quietly change comes and hope is fulfilled.

How peacefully promises made to ourselves can be kept. What is there to regret in that?  The past is for forgetting.

Why look back at rusting gates?  We have taken a great leap forward.  One giant leap.

What matter Paradise now with its rules and walls others make?  We have come closer to Hell where new light shines in the darkness, and rules are what we say they are.


  1. Ave Maria old friend. its been a long time. this a great post and maybe be lesson for me to be more shuttle. I am not sure where our Pope is leading us. I pray that he is following the will of the Holy Spirit and trust that He will make things right in time. The Lord is going to win.

    • I am sure your mean “more subtle” Father. Miss you and your blunt truths. Yesterday someone quoted a little thing which is helpful to remember in times like this: “Above the clouds, the Sun shines.” Indeed, isn’t the truth that without the Sun, there could be no clouds? God bless you.

  2. So, yes. We are closer to Hell and many are satisfied because they don’t feel the brimstone. But how long shall we wait to fly our of harms way?


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