Posted by: Peadar Ban | June 16, 2015

The Sower Knows

The Sower Knows
(A Meditation on an Ant and EZ 17:22 )

The quick little ant, black and small,
Scurried from the crack where floor met wall.
I its random wander watched across the naked tile,
Its nervous scatter, and watching smiled
As might He who from heaven’s height
Watches my wander across day to night.

A seed so have I been told I am,
Scattered from the Farmer’s hand
To root, grow, fruit and bloom; but how and where,
And when? This ant, skittering here
At my feet, I neither guide nor control,
Is seed for thought, my guide; thought’s fixing foil.

No tender shoot high on mountain am I set
But like this little creature, mere toil, yet
From whose most random path I rude lesson take.
Those sudden stops and starts across my way
Teach, as it triangulates for food they
Need who serve the mother and the queen.

Like duty have I, too, and purposed goal:
To serve while in the world so all may grow
And gleam jewel bright. Not what I will here
Matters, nor where I go. But serve is clear
And good sun light on green fields. From dark waste
Of rot wet stone be set in better place.

He moves within the seed, moves the soul.
He moves who makes all new to change the world;
Moves to mountains Cedar limbs, softens heights
To soil and rocky paths to pasture sweet.
Who cast me first meant good soil my home.
Yet I chose rocks, roads where no good ever grows.

No slim tender shoot planted high was I,
But I have grown, have roots and see the sky.
From where I am there’s light enough to grow.
And will I? I believe the Sower knows.

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