Posted by: Peadar Ban | March 8, 2015

Who Am I?

Well, the short answer is I am nobody, just another guy.

But I have a brain, and I can think…after a fashion…which activity produces in me conclusions about the things I see going on around me.  Many of my conclusions are unpleasant ones, but what can I do?

Not much, it seems, except, from time to time, to give them a voice, barely above a whisper, in a venue like this one.  It’s about the equivalent of griping in a bar, except there’s no haze of cigarette smoke,  no roar and rumble of subways outside and no unpleasant odors of stale beer and sweat inside.  Wait a second!  Did I just call them “unpleasant odors”?  Forgive me,  they were the very perfumed air of my youth.

I got upset again a day or so ago after reading something in an online journal called The Catholic Thing.  A professor, a philosophy professor, a guy who thinks for a living, wrote an article about islam that appeared there.

An aside  before I continue, please.  I’ve decided not to use an upper case letter when I write anything that has to do with islam.  I do not think it, or they, proper in any sense of the word, for any part of speech.

Anyway he writes his article about the thing, reaching the conclusion that whatever it is, islam’s not a religion.

Well, “Duh!”, as the kids say.  Now, this little piece is not exactly a battle cry, a cri de couer, a peal of bells from the watchtower as the savage hordes swarm over the hills.  But, and this is important; muted and scholarly murmur that it is, it is another in a slow but steadily increasing number of reflective and reasoned exposures of the not merely ugly but the horrible, the probably hellish, truth about the thing in our midst referred to by many as “the religion of peace”.

Fellows like Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer have for years been publishing books and articles detailing islamic atrocities across the world.  For the most part they are ignored, treated like madmen, haters, liars and worse;  the people who know, know they haven’t the brains to get in out of the rain.  Those people include our president, his administration and the editors of just about every news organization in the country.

Now this piece appears in my in-box, another in the trickle of truth against the torrent of ignorance and lies about islam, and I tell you that I’m upset.  It’s simple.  Damn it!  This has been going on for more than 1400 bleeping years! And the most we seem to think can be done, or should be done, is to let them get over their latest tantrum. Oh, we’re dropping bombs here and there.  It reminds me of the ancient and honorable practice of stabbing ones lice with an ice pick.

I am upset about the article’s appearance because I just finished a conversation with a Catholic priest.  This fellow is chaplain at a secular college.  There are a sizable number of foreign exchange students at this institution.  I got the impression from the good priest that most of them are muslims.  They are very nice he told me.  I asked if he had any idea how nice were the muslims in East Timor who massacred tens of thousands of Christians.  That’s when he said that Christians massacred many more during the Crusades.

What is the use of saying, of writing, anything.  Anyway, you may read the article

Do read it.  It will be bad for your digestion.


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