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Glory to God for thunderheads whose curled
Columned cool gray ranks wind-combed ride
Wind waves at world’s edge, and folded, furled
Parade above surging sea or granite
Cliff where in cool shade bold eagles fly.

Give Him praise for the roar of waves, wild spray
White foamed at land’s edge as brave sea birds plunge
From cloud height to emerald deep, swift seals play,
Sleek dolphins leap, and sharks lean, lunge
At prey in sea lanes where wave-long whales lounge.

Glory God who holds such little wonders grand
Above mosaiced meadows in high summer’s light
As swift sleek hummingbirds in His hand,
Or bumblebees busy among flowers bright
Whose brief beauty rivals star filled sky at night.

Glory for farms and herds, their work’s thrum, hooves’s drum;
Song of bird’s trill and babe’s soft milk sweet smile;
Many berried briars, squirrel’s rest, home
Haven for birds and butterflies awhile;
Neat gardens herb scented and flower frilled.

Glory give to God for all these things,
Nor least the Wren, who for sheer joy sweetly sings.

September 2, 2014




  1. I think this is one of your best, showing the full majesty and the gentleness of God. Thank you.

    • It should be. It took me almost a month to do it. Thank you, Kathy.

  2. This is an absolute joy!! You are a man of many talents, Peter!

    • Thank you very much, Lucia.

  3. thanks Peter. always good to hear from you. a man of many talents and one who love our Lord.

    • Thanks, Father.


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