Posted by: Peadar Ban | August 14, 2014




Like Grackles, but worse, the striped insect curse
Of Yellow Jackets, hell borne winged woe, does
Nothing but attack, cause havoc and work
Panic in every place they appear.  Abuzz
With sky borne malice from blossom or bush they,
These bug world Stukas, terrorize all day.

But why?  What of worth must they protect!
Of home or hive or hole there’s none to see;
Though many chambers deep there lives a queen
Attended, protected, curried the while she
Spews out her legions in the night unseen.

Their aggression’s instinct, then, nothing more?
Like the Kahns’, perhaps, or the kid next door!
Seek no further place than that garden same
Where man first sinned.  There fix the cause and blame.


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