Posted by: Peadar Ban | May 19, 2014

Wearing The Very Stars

This poem below is something I wrote after reading and thinking about another poem called “Visitation” by Trevor Erickson which appears in the current edition of StAR, The St. Austin Review .



“I must to my kinswoman go
Beyond the fields of home.
This little town leave upon the rising road
Through wind twisted olive groves
And over shining crystal streams.

Go to the Hill Country by paths so old
Now, deep ruts among rock and stone.”
She does not go alone. No!
Eternity she carries, her son, God’s own
Within.  So much more she is than seems.

Such a cargo slows her youthful haste
While dark eyes: grim, rude, cruel, stare
Out at easy prey along the lonely way.
But stare is all that they do. “Another day,”
They growl, slink away.  She confounds, confuses cruelty.

Pausing at the highest peak
She waits the waning day,
The reverence of constellations;
Receives the sun’s glowing robes
The ministry of the silver moon.

Mary, wearing the very stars, walks on.

May 19. 2014


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