Posted by: Peadar Ban | March 30, 2014

Lo, Rain Falls

On a rainy Sunday morning, long after Spring should have been here, I watched the sheets of rain fall, remembered (faintly) an old hymn, and thought of a better day to come:

Lo, rain falls in sheets descending
From angry clouds on high above.
Wind whipped frigid, unrelenting,
Cold rain falls and earth turns mud.

Morn, grey, cold and shelter seeking
Sneaks behind swift retreating night.
Edging cold shadows westward leaking
Timid day comes poised for flight

Though rain still falls, frigid soaks all,
Winter’s mis’ry claiming place,
Soon clouds part; light lifts their pall,
Sweet spring air storm dissipates,

Soon comes mildness bright birds singing,
Soon comes laughter of child at play.
Back to places colder stinging
Banish winter.  Spring’s here today!

For the curious, here’s the hymn; one of my favorites:



  1. Simply sublime. Thanks, I am transcendent.

    • You are welcome. That is an awful lot of transcendance, Sir.


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