Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 27, 2014

Today: February 27, 2014

Sometime between four and five almost every day I find myself closing the door on sleep and stepping off the front porch of wakefunness.  (How cute that typo is.)  At this time of year the sky to the east has just begun to lighten.  The platoon of trees down the block, tall oaks, maples and a few white pines, show in silhouette waiting for their work.  When it isn’t too cold, I’ll open the window to see if the First Bird of Day, the one whose job it is to wake up the world, has begun its appointed duty.

This morning I missed that quiet rendezvous with time and change, and soundly slept until the alarm on Mariellen’s dresser blew a hole through the air and shattered sleep into a million fragments.  I did what any normal person my age would do.  Bent nearly in half I tumbled out and was nearly vertical by the time I reached the clock and put to an abrupt end my agony, and the agony of every molecule of atmosphere in the room.  I took a cautionary look out the window to see if Dawn’s First Light may have been angered by whatever prompted the clock to do that.

The Choir Robed In Color Sings

The Choir Robed In Color Sings

I should have known.  Dawn was busy at Lauds.  There before me a Canticle of Light was being sung.  I did open the window and heard the Antiphon in a joyfully golden Wren’s voice, and the Cloud Choir in robes of light responding down the strophes, processing out.  The thanksgiving of the trees mute and tall behind held my attention until the chill air warned me this might be too much of a good thing.  I was awake, alert and filled with joy.


I don’t know for sure whose saint’s is today.  But this little thought from St. Gabriel Possenti caught my mind: “I will attempt day by day to break my will into pieces. I want to do God’s Holy Will, not my own!”  He was, not unlike me and quite a number of folks I know, a wild man when younger, who caught a fever of Love that cured him.   I become more convinced that there is only one way to happiness; to do God’s will in everything…even at my age.

Awake from your slumber!  Arise from your sleep!  A new day is dawning….


  1. Lovely, words, music and pictures. If only we had Smellernet!

    • Thank you, L.C. I rather prefer Scent Net, and am in negotiations with them.

  2. Conveniently February 27 was St Gabriel’s feast day. Maybe that’s why you were inspired to think of him .. He’s always been quite a very favorite patron saint of mine


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