Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 9, 2014

A Meditation on a Falling Leaf

Before The Dance Begins

Before The Dance Begins

When he rises in my heart
Whom I cannot see
But know he’s there
And is not me
What can I say?
To whom speak?
May I only be mute, little, meek?

The leaf lets go.  Or does it?
Or rides wind currents
Unseen yet there.
Does nothing fall?
Do leaves move at all
Or stay and trees leave, and wind flow
And ponderous planet from below
Rise to settle leaf?

Where has space gone the tree,
There for more years I have been,
Moved into slower than passing time.
Where is time itself, or who
Has seen it move, felt it so?

Perhaps forever, at least, but now
In my heart I know that leaf
Has always been right where it is.
A billion years will make no difference.

Just like light from the first star,
First light in ignorant darkness, near, far,
Shines still, and always has and always will.
There is the leaf, unmoving center
Of all that is, motionless regarding me
As I regard leaf and tree
And time and all infinity
Not me.

I die.

You see.


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