Posted by: Peadar Ban | September 10, 2013

Why A Tree?



Why a tree whose roots extend,
Sink deep, widely spread?
Why a tree; heaven touching leaf and limb?
Rain nor heat disturb it seems
But that it grow, stretch and stand.

Why a tree to divide
Today from yesterday
Symbolize in form and place
Hold and concentrate;
Of innocence the center be
And malignity?
Why a tree?

Sky piercing mount would do as well.
Climb for heaven.  Reach hell.
World circling sea?  Would it not serve;
Leviathan’s home, murderous wave?
Why, then, one tree?

“Do you not remember,” he said.
“Begun good all once was innocent.
At the center one tree stood.
Who were free ate its fruit
Then nakedness, shame and sorrow knew.
From one, one had come.
Who were one joined.  Now were two.
Our first creation separation.  The tree beside
You still ask why?

The tree serves still through whose agency
Creation’s masters broke creation’s harmony.
Shattered what was good believing lies truth.”

When those words were written in the Book
Whose but His could they have been?
What was to be He knew,
And of that single tree whose fruit
Divided life, brought death, changed history
Made the frame where hung the Fruit that frees:
The water and the blood from Heaven’s heart
That re-unites. Whom all restores.

The tree in Paradise which none have seen
Is the same by which are all redeemed.


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