Posted by: Peadar Ban | June 19, 2013


Words arranged in a certain order
Please eye, ear and heart.
They sit, or stand, beautifully
Inviting us to come closer.  We agree
With the proposition.
So we start.
Cross the space between,
And, suddenly, we see:

A million miles or more
It could be.
Or the distance to the farthest star
It could be
Still I’d know the instant you awoke;
My open ear, my heart bright, would hear
The first words you spoke.

And dawn’s first light upon your face,
Its soft embrace, would I be.
Hold you, bed warm, who were
My other self embracing me
Despite all time and space.

So I am always let through your eyes’
Open window to your heart, your soul.
There I find my purpose,
Rest complete and whole.


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