Posted by: Peadar Ban | May 30, 2013

The Lake Nearby

Water walkers stay close in against the shore
Striding so we say.  They never swim upstream.
The strong, the rough currents they abhor.
Wind stirred waters on the wide openness
Over deep black mystery must seem
Little more than an eye on heaven,
Far hazard for them in the rising morning
Frighting blankness in the falling night.
Creation’s respiration not knowing they ignore.

Water walkers stay close in against the shore
Skitter across molecules on limbs atom thin
On particles balancing.
Pause on electrons, undecided neutrons…
More than enough for them…
Eating bits that bob above settled mud.
Trying to avoid for one day more
A frog’s wide mouth and greedy tongue
A shiner’s tiny toothed gaping maw
Collision with an exuberant polliwog.


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