Posted by: Peadar Ban | May 30, 2013

The Lake Nearby (Revised)

This is a poem I wrote earlier today and sent here.  After looking at it for a while, I brought back into the shop and did some major re-modeling:

Water walkers stay
Close in against the shore
Striding so we say.

They never swim upstream
Against the strong,
Rough currents they abhor.

Never do they dare
Wind stirred waters
Wide openness
At lake’s center
Over deep black mystery.

That must seem
Some wide eye
Fixed on heaven,
Far hazard for them
In the rising morning,
Frighting blankness
In the falling night.
Creation’s respiration
Not knowing…they ignore.

Water walkers stay
Close in against the shore
Skitter across molecules
On limbs atom-thin,
On particles balancing,
Pausing on electrons,
Undecided neutrons…
More than enough for them…
Eating bits that bob
Above settled mud.

Trying to avoid for one day more
A frog’s wide mouth and greedy tongue
A shiner’s tiny toothed gaping maw
Collision with an exuberant polliwog.


  1. Great picture. Poem is difficult. Personally I like rhyming, like limericks.

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    • Lake Wentworth in NH. My Bro-in-law’s place. I don’t know how to

      I once tried to rhyme a short poem
      But all of the rhymes that I tried would roam.
      I tried ab and ab
      But that wouldn’t work.
      By the time I reached B
      I kept going ’til M.


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