Posted by: Peadar Ban | May 6, 2013

Let No One In!

The House is ours once again!

All who came have taken leave,

Gone their way, left us free!


Long had I prayed they’d hurry hence

Who had all arrived at stroke of noon

The men all neat, the women sweet

And children dressed just perfectly.

I welcomed them, but thought I’d swoon.


The conversations started then

Of teams and schools, new jobs, weather and pain,

Shopping in the stores downtown;

The pinch faced crone, Mrs. Thatoldhen.


I envied her high stone walls, grim and dour

Wondering did she ever smile

In satisfaction as they piled

Through my all too often opened door.


They were gone, the lingering last of them,

By five, long past their time to leave

For me and my aching head, my burning feet.

Thanks be to God!  The house is ours once again!


Who’s at the door now, Dear?  Let no one in!


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