Posted by: Peadar Ban | April 3, 2013

April’s Change

Two robins, the first I’ve seen
Land, one, another soon
On the bare limbed tree,
Take counsel on a lower branch,
Agree and wing at once away.

Wind tossed leaves scuttle by
Along the chilly paving stones:
Ragged refugees they seem
Paying scant attention
To crocus crowds bright hues;
To waking bulbs rising through
Earth still wet from mounds of snow
Melted all and gone just days ago.

Waves of sound from bright blue bells
Hung outside the window sing;
Chiming April’s change has come again
Bringing robins to the trees
Rain to wash winter’s cold away.

Such a child this season seems
Bursting energy and waking dreams.

One still and stolid dove on a lump of rock
Frowns on crocus gossips just below.

(This little thing first appeared on the FB page of The Christian Book Corner.  Visit them over there and “like” them.  They are a nice bunch of folks.)


  1. Good day, Last night I was reading comments on another blog on cargo ship travelling. I read your comment and felt that I should write to you. I am in the process of writing a novel set in the early 1960’s.(He would be about your age actually) My protagonist has just gotten a cargo ship in New York City set out for Montreal in Canada. Do you have experiences that you would be willing to share to create a more accurate read in my novel? I would appreciate it greatly.
    Thank you.
    David Margetson


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