Posted by: Peadar Ban | March 17, 2013

La fheile Padraig sona Dhuit!

102904, The Rock of Cashel, Cashel, Ireland, 003

The Rock of Cashel

Today, on the 3rd Most Holy Day in the Year, the Feast of Great St. Patrick, I wish to bless you all nine times, and to give thanks for the kindnesses you have shown me in the past; to wish you the most happy of days and hope for nothing but light and brightness and beauty for you and all your loves.

May all your problems be far behind you.

May all your joys be ahead and waiting.

May your enemies come to no good and disappear like dark clouds scurry before the sun.

May all your friends rise and shine brightly.

And may the Good Lord, The Great Christ of Beauty, the High King of Heaven, and Patrick His loveable son, and Brigid and all the Irish in heaven along with them, stand with open arms at heaven’s Golden Gate with St. Peter and the Sturdy Twelve and Gentle Mother Mary to greet you some sweet day with the arms of love and smiles of friendship and to welcome you home at last, dear ones that you are!



  1. Brilliant! Grazie and Slainte!

    • Go raibh mile maith agat

  2. Thank you so much for your gift! It touched me.

    • As I said to Richie, go raibh mile maith agat. You are very welcome.


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