Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 12, 2013

Compare and Contrast

Here is something that was lifted from The Christian Book Corner’s Facebook page.  (Go ahead “like” them!)


Think of a hero. Go ahead. I can think of two, and consider myself lucky to have occupied this crumbling age with men made efor the ages. I thought of a couple of other from long ago, and my mind began to play some games with me. Perhaps you might like to play, too. Here is the game in the form of a pop exam I would probably give to a class full of people on an occasion like this had I chosen to follow my bliss all those years ago:

Compare and Contrast the following Figures in our life:

1. Pope John Paul II and Sampson or Isaiah
2. Pope Benedict XVI and David the Young Shepherd or David the Psalmist.

You may illustrate with examples from history, ancient and medieval, and literary characters. Characters and people from current films, video games, TV programs, political figures and sports figures used as illustrations for your answers will disqualify you and result in a failing grade. Your answer is to demonstrate how you think, not to describe where you wallow nor what you consume.

You have two hours.

This test counts as 50% of your final grade


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