Posted by: Peadar Ban | January 5, 2013

I Will Go

Bare Flower Stalks

Bare Flower Stalks

The morning this morning
Was not dull and gray
Although it has become that way.

I remember the dawning
And the clouds in the sky
Bright and golden sailing by

My window on the world
Outside. I was glad

But now I am alone
And gilded cloud streams gone.

The world is colder dark
I in it wish for light
Shivering before night

That has fallen stark.
But all I see is good, is good.
Snow carpets bare flower stalks.

They are good. They are good
The very night and shadow deep
That calls the young to sleep

And makes the old to brood
Old loves remember
In the fire’s last ember

Whose hearts once cold once more
Warm and gray thoughts swarm
In shadows light, lithe their form

And true in the light of stars
And good out on the snow.

(Lifted from The Christian Book Corner‘s site on FB)


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