Posted by: Peadar Ban | November 30, 2012

I Will Carry: A Meditation for Advent

Below appears a poem I wrote, a meditation for Advent.  It is also on our bookstore’s Facebook site (“like” us while you’re over there): The Christian Book Corner.  Travel over there and admire the beautiful new photo on the header for Advent.  It depicts the journey we’re on from day one…all of us, whether or not we know it or believe it.

Anyway, the poem:

I Will Carry
(A Meditation on Advent)

Above the hills the pale moon
Eyes the ones who travel.
Night comes early and soon
A tree, a sheltering hill
Provides them cover, all they’ll need.
They sleep wrapped in moonlight
By a tiny fire.  The dark night
Framing constellations sees
Them sleep; this day’s journey done.

Has He let His hosts look on
Throughout the watching night?
Do they stand guard against
Darker hazards beyond our sin dimmed sight?

No matter, they sleep who weary must
Sleep.  Tomorrow they will walk again
The long and rocky road to Bethlehem.
I will carry and move to help. To reach
Across an age.  To do.  But, “No!”  He says,
“Your time will come.  Rough wood yours
To lift while raging crowd roars,
Wildlings rip.  Sit! Wait!  Pray!”

I do as night goes silent west beyond
Hills where waking birds hungry greet the dawn.
They watch the rise of that far off sun
Their first steps in disappearing mist along
The now familiar way walking hand in hand
With all of us.  For all of us, a child
Preparing as they go, so tiny, mild,
To enter history.  Thus by order grand
From Rome’s great Augustus, the man made god
They pick their unshod way along.  And though
Man made god decreed this time, God made man
                                                  breaks time apart!

His infant’s cry shatters from bare stable small,
Palaces, powerful, man made gods, all!

The Feast of St. Andrew, 2012

PS:  Today is the Feast Day of St. Andrew, the younger brother of St. Peter and the first to be called to follow Jesus as an Apostle.  Our son was named Andrew for that reason.  We wanted no “juniors” running around.  If you can spare a moment pray for our son.  We have not spoken for years.


  1. We’ll put Andrew in our intentions book. He will be prayed for daily . . .

    • Thank you, Sister, and Happy Advent to you all.


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