Posted by: Peadar Ban | November 21, 2012


Now the loss of time makes its presence felt.
Above the flattened surface of the world
Hours soon slip away, just wispy contrails.
With them will go memory.  Some say Hell’s
Only memory and desire.  They tell
Us true bliss is heaven’s forgetfulness,
Abandonment of self, falling full
In God forever: a present perfect.

It’s the loss of memory I regret
Much more than the fact my camera’s gone
With eleven hundred photos I took
During our week long trip up the Rhine.
They were to be my memory; for me
Digital neurons, archive positive
I had been there.  I could tell.  They could see
Who chose, and I would know, beauty lives.

Leave this yearning for “what was”!
It is all captured in the heart of God.
Surrender memory, mere comfort cold!
Begin the fall through the Singularity of Love!

Zurich, SW
November 20, 2012


  1. So sorry your camera is gone. That’s a bummer. I did hear one time that someone found a camera and thigh som very creative detective work sent it along home to the owner. Maybe the same will happen for you.

    • Thank you, Mary Lou. It was, strange to say, a beautiful experience.

  2. Should have been “through some”

  3. No! Your camera! I’m so disappointed!

    • Don’t be, Darlin’. I’m not.


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