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A Poem of the New Creation, by Peter Milward, S.J. (A Review of Sorts)

Oh, we have “Paradise Lost”, that towering history, and its twin, “Paradise Regained”, shorter, but no less noble in structure and intent. Both lay out the characters and the events which matter, truly matter, in our lives.  We have “The Divine Comedy”, the first which opened the way into mystery for us, telling not the History of Salvation, but guiding us successfully through hell’s horror and purgatory’s painful coming to the truth to the Singularity of Light, the Beatific Vision, bright beyond belief and beyond telling.  Shall we have another?

I am no judge of the good, let alone of the great.  What I cannot judge of or explain, though, I can feel and speak about.  I suppose that is how the world first heard from simple people about what had happened to change all of history, how God became one of us.  Who could have framed that fact in a “review”?  The greatest possible work of art demanding of some necessarily lesser form of art to tell of it …  So it has been ever since “Emmanuel” happened, first in the Gospels, then in story after story we never seem to tire of hearing told.  Simple story repeated along the way, and then as days passed into years and centuries the music of poetry and song …

In “A Poem of the New Creation” by Peter Milward, S.J.,  we find a new iteration of the tale from a poet and scholar who has taken his long life’s journey with literature, theology and scripture and made of it a beautiful thing for us all to read and dwell within.  Beginning with prayer — Mary’s to the Archangel Gabriel — and ending in the praise of all creation to God Almighty, Milward’s work doesn’t scruple to weave scripture in with the writings of the saints, teachers, poets, prophets and holy men and women.  Truly a tale of the world made new, “A Poem of the New Creation” works on many levels: as a poem, as a simple story of the great and humble living at the fulcrum of ages and traveling the path to glory, and as a drama encompassing many voices.  One might even say, encompassing every voice.

Those who read it, of any faith and of no faith at all, will be enlightened and enthralled by what they read, the story itself and the sheer beauty of the telling of it.  “A Poem of the New Creation” from Kaufmann Publishing is a perfect gift for any occasion to someone whose love for truth and beauty you cherish and wish to nourish.  It is a most lovely thing to own for yourself, too, whatever your taste in poetry or story.  It will sing to you the song of the most lovely thing that ever happened.  That is worth hearing, don’t you think?

Here at The Christian Book Corner we have delighted to read Father Milward’s work and are pleased to offer its delights to you at our always generous discount.  As with all of our products this one  was “Chosen with care; chosen with Prayer”.


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