Posted by: Peadar Ban | October 17, 2012

Grandma Lavender, an Old Poem

(For my Lavender bush,
now 21 years old.)

Old lady of my backyard growing still
Where I put you that morning long ago
Near the step at the bottom of the hill
Left of the chrysanthemum, so.
You shower bits of blue midsummer
On my backyard mess of grass and weeds.
The bones of well loved cats and several hamsters
Lie around your old grey roots, your wise leaves
Like memories from a photo album
While you, new life in little blossoms sleeved,
Yet after all these years in your sweet home
Faithfully perform your small ministry
Of beauty and simple presence to all.
I remember my purpose then, to know
If you would thrive, and now you call
Me back to you your blessing to bestow.

August 4, 2002

I wrote this poem and sent it to some high school friends ten years ago.  I quite forgot I had written it.  It was fun bumping into an old friend.

Grandma Lavender?  She is still there.


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