Posted by: Peadar Ban | October 17, 2012

A Book Review in the Form of a Meditation on Eucharist

First admit that there is God, and God has created everything including us. Admit further that God’s creation is good at its most deep and essential level. Admit that the summit of this creation is yourself and all Mankind, the consciousness and the conscience of the universe. Admit finally that God had a reason to do that.  Do all of this and one begins to approach a sometimes dangerous, an exciting, and an eventually joyful and wildly satisfying journey of heart, mind and soul to a glorious conclusion.  It involves coming to understand that you, Man, are not the measure of all things, but that your maker, God, who loves you, is, and wishes only to involve you in delight in everything He has done, now and forever.  Christianity is the  Religion of The Happy Ending; the Divine Comedy that Dante tells about.

In The Lord of the Rings, that magnificent fantasy trilogy, flooded with the light of its author’s Catholic faith, one reads of the travelers Frodo and Sam being given something the Elves call “Way Bread”; food for the journey they are starting on to save their world and themselves from Sauron and the One Ring.  The “way bread” nourishes them physically. It has another more important effect than that, though.  The bread works on a deeper level to restore hope and health to failing hearts and broken spirits.  A tiny bit of it does all that.

“Anyone who eats this bread…”  I remembered those words when I read about the Elves gift to the two Hobbits.  A Catholic like me would have trouble NOT making the connection between “way bread” and the Eucharist, the food for the journey which itself is the Way.   This great gift of Christ not only nourishes the soul but slowly and inevitably changes the faithful recipient into a more faithful image of Himself.

This is the nugget, the kernel of Father Lawrence Lovasik’s “The Basic Book of the Eucharist,”  an intimate and accurate exploration of the wonders awaiting us in this the perfect food for the soul, the soul’s Creator and Lover Himself.  But, there is so much more awaiting someone who opens the book as if they were opening the door to a great cathedral.  With reverence and faith, gentleness and a kind of simple joy, Father Lovasik  uncovers for the reader of this “Basic Book…” the “unsearchable riches of Christ”.  The book leads one into the landscape of grace and gift awaiting the soul in faithful reception of the Eucharist.  While it is a faithfully Catholic book in every sense of the word, it can be of great value to anyone interested in learning why the Catholic Church has taught from the beginning, and why all faithful Catholics believe in the literal truth that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ;  why we hold, against the skepticism of some and scorn of others, that Eucharist is the “true bread come down from heaven.”

Don’t let the title of this book fool you into thinking it will be something for beginners.  It isn’t.  And, yet, here in the ‘vale of tears’ we are in a sense always beginning, and always hungry …   At The Christian Book Corner we offer such products in the firm conviction that they will provide food for the journey and comfort for its trials — products always “Chosen with care; chosen with Prayer” and made available at our usual everyday and, often, deeper Special Offer discounts.


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