Posted by: Peadar Ban | September 13, 2012

Praying the Rosary With the Saints

So, it’s another Monday morning.  You’re up with the birds, only you can’t hear them.  Or, more’s the case, you ain’t even paying them any attention.  You’ve got other things on your mind: the kids, the wife, the boss, the job, whatever it is, the bills.  Most importantly, if I shave now will I have time for another cup of coffee?

She’s on her own trip.  The kids are on theirs, out the door after a slurp of Sugar Corn Slippy’s, a wave at you upstairs and out of sight, an air kiss for her.

You’ll see them, when, Thursday after the trip or later tonight after practice for —  pick one — chorus, hockey, debate club, knitting, football, bridge?

We could flip that around, too, and turn husband in for wife.  It doesn’t matter these days.  The picture is the same.

In the background at home while all of this is going on the Today, Tomorrow and Always Show is playing in the kitchen, the Family Room, and upstairs in at least two bedrooms, while Sesame Place is on somewhere, too.  Weather and Monsters, Pop Singers and Clowns, Politicians and Clowns (Is there a difference?) Blather and Slobber (The candidates?) smile and grovel alternately on each show while no one pays attention.

Is that about right?

On the way into, during the drive down to, THAT PLACE you’ve plugged in or turned on, just like you do every day.  It’s either Mike, Ike and Spike In the Morning or your own selection of the best from Slush, Lady Moomoo, Double- L -Hell and the Dangerously Stupid Fool Brothers, a brand new retro-fusion, metal- world band that came out of the slums of Reykjavik, and whose tattoos form a triptych of the Apocalypse; the latest in Praise and Worship.  You only have that on your IThing because you’re previewing it for your four year old.

Am I close?

Stop!!!  I’d like to suggest something else.  There IS something else, you know.

Why not, instead of Babble and Slush In the Morning, why not prayer?  Instead of Weather on the Fives and Traffic on the Threes, why not the Mysteries of the Rosary and the Wisdom of the Saints for company? Summa Enterprisesis only a small company, but they have gotten the ear of God, I’ll bet, with their series of recordings of the sayings of some of our best loved and wisest saints coupled with the ancient and powerful prayers of the Rosary.

Turn off your radio and plug into wisdom and prayer on your trips back and forth to work.  Travel with Padre Pio, Therese of Lisieux, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and St. Faustina.  It could even happen, after forming the habit of “being” in such company, that you may wish to “interrupt” the morning programs at home for a decade-long  “prayer break” with one of your saintly new friends even <gasp> on weekends.

You know, I wish I had had this opportunity all those years ago!

At The Christian Book Corner we offer an ever growing number of opportunities for “prayer breaks” from the woes and the worries of this world.   Give yourself the gift of a quiet moment —  stop by and browse our virtual shelves a while before slipping out with something slim and refreshing under your arm for the journey back Home.


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