Posted by: Peadar Ban | September 4, 2012


Domine Non Sum Dignus
(A Funeral Hymn)

Credo in unum meum
That’s what I believe.
Not in some dumb deum
With more tricks up his sleeve

Than David Copperfield.
See and smell taste and touch
And I’m relieved.  A little feel.
It doesn’t take too very much.

Higher things?  I don’t need to know
What is done or said above the moon.
I am content with things below
With tasty meats and silver spoons.

No rounds of bread
No draughts of wine
Made god’s blood or flesh.
I laugh to think such things divine;

Fools shuffling down dusty naves
To gobble bits of flattened wheat
They seem to me; no more than slaves
Or vagrants herded from the street.

And when I die and I am dead
I won’t need your prayers.
Complete is dead from toes to head
No burning hell, no heavenly stair.

How useless that!  To pray
For someone dead. There is
Nothing one can say.
All such fool’s work forbid!

A bit of doggerel this
I certainly believe.
Though you might conceive
How much more use it is
Than to heft a crucifix
Surprise!  I now know how
Stupid I have been,
And, thus humbled, bow.



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