Posted by: Peadar Ban | August 29, 2012

“Courageous”: A Gift Pack

There was a young man who lost his father to alcoholism and cancer when he was just a little more than 25 years old, his father in his mid-50s.  It dawned on him years later that what he missed most, what he needed most, was the presence of the older man in his life; at once a guide and an anchor no matter how much damaged he might have been.  He felt robbed.  Another man in a similar situation now nearly fifty years after the fact still feels the loss as painfully as the day he discovered his father’s dead body while an unmarried student in his early twenties.


We are so quick these days to cast ourselves away, to up anchor and sail off pilotless through life, with no guide or map, no chart of the shoals and reefs, no understanding of navigation, no preparation for the journey or even what we need to take.  We are so quick, those of us who stand ashore, battered by our own journey, and wiser now, perhaps, to let the younger ones go without a caution, to see them sail off in almost empty vessels without telling them, “This will happen to you.  And, this is how you should meet the challenge, handle the obstacle, weather the storm.”  Why that is so is a question each of us have to answer for ourselves — and, perhaps, to God, some fine day.


Ignatius Press has put together a gift pack for men containing a book, a music cd, and a film.  And whether a particular man has in fact gotten all the guidance he might need or is, perhaps. adrift upon life’s sea, there is surely much he may learn, enjoy, and share, in these three items.  Not only men, in fact, but boys – teens, unmarried men, young and older fathers — whole families are the target audience for this outstanding assembly of good writing, good listening, and good viewing of a superior film about the problems we may, or mayhap already have, faced and how they may be managed.


The name of the gift pack is “Courageous,” taking the name of the included film about five fathers, four police officers and their working class friend, all of whom face significant challenges when one of them goes off course.  We have ourselves seen “Courageous” and found it more than worthwhile because of the way it deals honestly and good humoredly with the very real problems of corruption and failure, and what can, should and must be done by those whose lives, homes, and relationships are affected in such circumstances.  The other two items in the gift pack, Fr. Larry Richard’s book “Be A Man” and Collin Raye’s transformational CD “His Love Remains” make this truly both a multi- and a counter-cultural package for the good.


The overall effect of the “Courageous” Gift Pack is to emphasize the necessity of Love — the Love that the God-man is and wants us to have; the only kind of Love for man or woman that means anything, when all is said and done — for a man, any man, to really _be_ a man in today’s world.


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