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In the Gospel according to St. Luke, we read the story of the persistent widow, a parable Jesus used to emphasize that we should never give up in our efforts at prayer.  “Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?” (Luke, 18:1-8)  Elsewhere, in St. Paul’s Epistle to the Thessalonians, we read, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (Thess., 5:16-18)  In the first instance we have Christ making a strong suggestion that persistent prayer carries with it a guarantee of success.  In the second place St. Paul tells us God desires us to remain in the kind of contact with Him that we achieve in prayer, in EVERY circumstance, good or bad.

In other words, God wants to hear from us.  He takes an interest in us.  And it would seem that he is especially pleased when we, his children, keep it up.  Would it be fair to say that he likes nothing better than to hear from us about every little thing – even if He already knows what “every little thing” is or is going to be?

There are many ways to “pray always”, to maintain an attitude of openness between oneself and God.  As Christ Himself said on more than one occasion it is a trait rather common in children, forgotten or fallen into desuetude (to use a fancy word) while we are occupied with “more important things”.  Like muscles not exercised, the openness of one’s mind and heart to God’s interest in and presence in our every moment which is the source and by-product of prayer can atrophy.  And like atrophied muscles, we may actually cause ourselves injury, or be unable to avoid danger when they do not respond properly at times when response is needed and our efforts are weak, ineffectual.

Among Catholics there is no doubt that the most popular form of prayer is the Rosary, a simple linking of four ancient prayers recited alone or with others while meditating on various times and occurrences in the life of Christ.  The prayers every Catholic knows are all scripturally based, or are prayerful meditations themselves on the Christian faith and its foundational doctrine.  The Rosary is an ancient Christian practice finally “codified” by St. Dominic in the 12th Century which quickly spread throughout the worldwide church.

“Design My Rosary” is a quintessential Catholic thing; at once a business, but more than that.  “Design My Rosary” is a kind of ministry, a service (which is all that ministry means) to the wider Church, all of us who believe, for the simple purpose of helping us to “pray always” as Christ Himself exhorts us to pray.  That is its mission to the world, to provide the means of the kind of prayer which is continuous.  Were we to sing, we would need instruments to accompany us.  A Rosary is just that, an instrument to keep us focused, to accompany us, to keep us on melody and in time.

The rosaries from “Design My Rosary” are beautiful “instruments”, custom made by people (the Doucette family) whose hearts and souls are turned toward making your beads the best possibly that they can..  As you hold them to begin to pray always yourself you may be sure that what you hold, each link in the chain, signifies a prayer for you and with you.

We could not be more pleased at The Christian Book Corner than to offer such instruments for prayer than those made with prayer and care by “Design My Rosary.”


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