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Dappled Things, A Glory


A Quarterly of Ideas, Art & Faith

“Glory be to God for dappled things…” writes Gerard Manley Hopkins in his sonnet Pied Beauty. Hopkins may be my favorite poet. “Dappled Things” is the name of a lovely publication, ”a quarterly of ideas, art and faith” as it styles itself.

In a world where we are in a sense victims of the age, the technology and its ability to flood us with a kind of shock and awe, something small and quiet is all the more important to find and hold onto. I had written “gold onto” in the last sentence, a typo. As I sat wondering about what to say, here, next, the little phrase struck me as oddly appropriate because what “Dappled Things” is and does, is just that. It adds a bit of gold onto the life we lead when it enters our home every quarter. Not too much, or we would grow tired of it, but just enough of such a wonderful mix of poetry, short story, review, the odd scholarly article and art of subtle and captivating beauty that we welcome its coming, run off and hide a while with it and return for bits and pieces, like a big box of Christmas candies or Birthday chocolates is re-visited over weeks.

The latest is here with new poems, stories, interviews and essays, and three excellent pieces of art by a young artist of whom more will be heard I am sure. None of this is bizarre. None of it shocks. All of it reveals the One who fathers forth, whose beauty is past change and manifested to us here in so many shapes and forms in this world charged with God’s grandeur.

Find the poem on page 59 by Geoffrey Smagacz, The Lilies Grow So Fast and read the very meaning of the title Dappled Things, and the reason for its existence:

The lilies grow so fast that from the hour

The ice turns to slush and sinks until the day

The stems arise, the pads fold flat and flower,

Have passed eleven weeks from March to May…

The year is chronicled as is the life of the poet himself in those lines until “soon acorns softly falling to the earth” bring Autumn, Winter following and year’s end, until re-birth of lilies here and poets in another place.

This and more you may find of “dappled things” in time for each season of new beauty outside, new beauty within. Available from The Christian Book Corner, “Dappled Things” is a delight for everyone to pleasure in, to save and re-visit over ensuing months in quiet retreat from the madding world forever too much with us … if we allow it.

NOTEOthers have noticed how “lovely in eyes not His” the face of Christ appears in the pages of Dappled Things.  You may wish to visit here to learn further about this delightful gem of a journal in which the very stones ring.


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