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Today, April 24, 2012

It isn’t hard to think of a storm’s cloudy remnants as some kind of supply train following after an army leaving the field, marching on to a new battle.  This one is over.  The eastern sky’s an angry red under the lumbering clouds, the last few wagons leaving  at a lumbering pace.  But, below everything is  shot through with life, green and lush, clean, scrubbed and washed as if brand new from the store.  Whatever battle was fought here yesterday was fought for life and newness.  Someone remarked that it looked as if the grass had grown an inch during the rain.  Leaves, they said, which were folded sleeping infants curled inside themselves yesterday are exuberant younglings this morning.

Now the sky is Robin’s Egg blue, or better yet, Mary blue, all the way to heaven.

In the little pail outside our back door we measured three and a half inches of water, about one month’s worth in a day.  Had it been snow, and snow does fall in April here, it would have been more than thirty inches.

We saw a dove yesterday in the evening standing at the edge of our brimming over birdbath trying to decide what to do.  We briefly thought about life preservers for them.  But it flew offs.  Doves are prudent birds.

Last year at this time life was just ready to spring forth:


Who knew St. Fidelis was an attorney.  There are a lot of good ones, and some real rotters.  Pray for them all.  “Listen” to what he has to say in the Reflections section just below.  Have you ever considered that you aren’t generous enough with God who overnight transforms the world for you?

Saint of the Day

St. Fidelis (1577-1622)
Disgusted by greed and corruption, Fidelis abandoned his law practice to become a Fransican priest. He gave all his wealth to the poor and minstered to wounded soldiers. He was martyred while preaching to Protestants.

Reflections from the Saints

Woe to me if I should prove myself but a halfhearted soldier in the service of my thorn-crowned Captain.

– St. Fidelis

Scripture Verse of the Day

Proverbs 25:15

With patience a ruler may be persuaded, and a soft tongue will break a bone.

Life in Christ: Catechism #2226

Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years. This already happens when family members help one another to grow in faith by the witness of a Christian life in keeping with the Gospel. Family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. The parish is the Eucharistic community and the heart of the liturgical life of Christian families; it is a privileged place for the catechesis of children and parents.

One Minute Meditations

You Can!
Jesus is asking you to pray more. You see this very clearly.

Nonetheless… how poor your response has been. Everything is a great effort for you: you are like a baby who is too lazy to learn to walk. But in your case it isn’t just laziness. It is fear, too, and a lack of generosity.

– St. Josemaria Escriva, The Forge, #291
Here is a delightful piece of music for the season:


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