Posted by: Peadar Ban | April 3, 2012

Second Question: For Tuesday of Holy Week

In a quotation from his book “On the Holy Spirit” that appears in today’s Office of Readings, Saint Basil writes: ” To attain holiness, then, we must pattern our lives on Christ’s by being gentle, humble and patient, we must also imitate Him in His death.  Taking Christ for his model, Paul said that he wanted to become like Him in his death in the hope that he would be raised from death to life.

Gentle.  Humble.  Patient.  Six little syllables.  So hard.  So hard.

Anyway, think of that while you think of this.  I have lifted the question again this morning from the Facebook page of  The Christian Book Corner:

“Continuing with our little series of Holy Week exercises for your prayerful meditations we want to present the second question from St. Augustine’s homily in Monday’s Office of Readings.

But first, for those who may have missed it, the first question: Where were the sinners, what were they, when Christ died for them? Among the answers we received were some who pointed to themselves, to all of us, as the sinners.

One of the most interesting answers came from the person who said, “As people did when Icarus fell to his death, so people did when Christ was raised on the cross to His. Most went about their usual days of surviving; tilling soil, squeezing grapes, obeying their immediate masters; scratching their behinds, watching over their sick and dying, and hoping for a good night’s sleep.”

How does that answer fit with You?

While you ponder that, here is the Second Question of Holy Week:

When Christ has already given us the gift of His death, who is to doubt that He will give the saints the gift of His own life?”


  1. How would it be possible to become a saint w/o Christ serving as model,guide, and giver of grace? It cannot be done.


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