Posted by: Peadar Ban | March 27, 2012

Position Open, Applications Accepted

It is reliably reported that the Church of England, now that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has signalled his intention to retire, intends to choose the next one in a way that is a significant departure from what was the practice formerly.  They intend to convene a board of persons, including the famous atheist Richard Dawkins, to advise and help to select the person (I do not say man).  In addition, they will accept suggestions from the laity…indeed anyone, I suppose…by Twitter.

The preferment and benefice coming as it does (and should considering its global jurisdiction…though such a word seems  almost sacrilegious in an Anglican context…jurisdiction, that is) with a comfortable income and housing, I am myself interested, and offer myself as as good a candidate as any for the position.  Having just received this Christmas past a long terry cloth robe as a present from my wife, I am accustomed to appearing in flowing garments.  I cannot see any other requirements which would prevent me from fulfilling the duties of that office, and so hope that you may twit my name into the position.

For further information on this, please see the article at Shameless Popery, a blog I will pay more attention to from now on since I am an unemployed Anglican Archbishop.

You will note that there is a quote in that article from an essay by Msgr. Ronald Knox, written when he was still and Anglican priest.  It is here in full.  A modest proposal, and fully meant tongue in cheek at the time it was written, it is worth reading for the laughs and the fright it may give you as you consider how much of it may soon be true…here.  I know men and women who are not in some state hospital for the dangerously insane who would think this a very good thing to do.  Some of them sat next to me in church last Sunday, some of them teach in our schools and colleges and some of them, God help us all, run newspapers and write books.


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