Posted by: Peadar Ban | March 5, 2012

Lent and Easter in the Domestic Church

As the world becomes more and more empty of a sense of the sacred, Christian and Catholic families are faced with a continuing problem and challenge most especially at those times traditionally set aside for the celebration of important events in the life of Jesus and thus in the faith of every Christian, whether adult or child — the problem of keeping and handing on “the deposit of faith.”   Both Lent, that time of preparation and penance leading up to Easter, and Easter, the joyous feast of Jesus’s Resurrection, are, like Christmas, becoming increasingly secularized,  emptied of their deep Christian symbolism, rendered mere occasions for cartoons for kids and televised athletic contests for adults.  Aside from Mardi Gras, observance of Lent has ceased to exist in the modern world.  Aside from Easter baskets, coloring eggs, and eating chocolate bunnies, little of Easter is present in the outside world to distinguish it from any other day.


Christian children, adults and families need to discover and foster a deeper understanding of the rich tradition of prayer, the ancient symbols, activities,  and central meaning of the forty-day long season of Lent, and the succeeding seven week long Feast of Easter.  The only place such a fostering and growth of knowledge about Easter and Lent can really occur is within the home, within the “Domestic Church” as ancient tradition names and defines the family in its particular role as the first place where Christian faith is learned and practiced.  It is here that the rituals, practices, history, meaning and truths of such times as Lent and Easter must be learned and most lovingly nurtured.  Jesus learned from His parents, so what could be more natural than that Christian parents communicate faith to their children, celebrating as well as teaching that faith at home throughout the year?   Within the sanctity of their home, the Domestic Church, a.k.a. the Christian/Catholic family, is perfectly positioned to teach and to experience the riches of faith, the joy of its practices and the wonder of its seasons and feasts.

A most useful and rich aid in the family’s work is ”Lent and Easter in the Domestic Church” a book filled with ideas for crafts and activities to aid in observing and celebrating the beautiful seasons and feasts of Lent and Easter.  ”Lent and Easter in the Domestic Church” contains a variety of family activities, saint’s celebrations and crafts.  Family activities include the making of Paschal Candles, special Stations of the Cross, setting up a Family Altar, designing a Garden for Mary, ceremonial instructions for a Seder Meal,  recipes for special homemade breads and more. Also included are stories of special saints with activities and prayers.  Finally, the book offers numerous craft activities including cross-stitching Guardian Angel patterns, and making alms boxes, Easter eggs, stained-glass pictures, table runners, along with many coloring pages.

You may obtain a copy from The Christian Book Corner, an online store offering Christian and Catholic books, cds, dvds, and gifts.  All of our products are offered at a generous everyday discount, and all of them are personally “Chosen with care; chosen with Prayer”.  At The Christian Book Corner ( we are aware that faith and religion as a whole are currently undergoing a period of eclipse in the life of the nation.  The task before us is to support each other in keeping the truth and bright promise of the Christian faith alive and strong.


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