Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 21, 2012

In the Best Company

So you’re on your way to work.  It’s a long drive, and you just can’t bear to listen to the Morning Show with Hank and Trixie again.  Enough is enough of Imus, Rush, The King of All Media and fifteen minutes of traffic, weather, local politics and world ending disasters every fifteen minutes.

Not you?  You don’t do that anymore, or you never did that?  You don’t cycle up and down the band from 88.something to 107.whatever hoping desperately for something you haven’t heard before a million times?  You haven’t been on this road for so long you know when the guy next to you gets off , when the blonde lights up and when the guy in the green Subaru gets a haircut?

OK, so this is you, then?  You take a long walk on the beach or through the woods, because you just need to breathe something fresh, but the woods and the beach seem lately always to have been there and always to have been, well, not much more than that.  The dog doesn’t even lift his head when a seagull drops in front of you, or a squirrel runs by?  And, why does every day for the past six months you come out here look like it’s going to rain?

Or, maybe this is the situation; once more you have to get the house ready for the day after the kids go to school and before they come home again, and, that is exactly what you have been doing since the Big Bang!  And, if you hear someone say, “this again!?”, you’ll throw something or stab them?

Fine.  The situations are not really that different.  It’s all a version of something we have known for a long, long time; that thing some call variously “the noon time devil”, anomie, alienation.  You find yourself wondering along with the words of the Peggy Lee song, “Is that All There Is?”  It can get pretty serious.  The noon time devil is no respecter of age or position.  From children to seniors folks fall prey to that season or sense of weariness, restlessness and loss of meaning.

The Christian Book Corner (t-CBC) suggests a remedy for those “blank times” when all fails to relieve this unshakeable feeling of deadening monotony. Essentially it involves changing the company you keep, associating with a new set of friends. Summa Enterprises has produced a wonderful series of cds which serve to introduce the listener to a proven way of banishing what might be called, with just as much accuracy, the blues.  It’s called prayer.  Imagine that?  Not a week in the mountains, or two at the shore or an afternoon at the spa.

Specifically the prayer is the Rosary, and the cds lead one through the rosary, that ancient scripture based prayer, accompanied by readings from a number of saints who have some experience with “the blues”, the noon time devil….whatever… and prayer.  Whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend, for Dad or Mom, for one of your children, this series, Praying the Rosary with the Saints, will open your mind to a better way, and enlighten you in more ways than you can imagine about the deep truths of life.  You need not be Catholic to benefit from this prayer or the wisdom contained in these excerpts from the words of ordinary people who were given extraordinary graces to see and know Truth.   A saint is, after all, what all of us are supposed to be, and can be.  It’s true.  Believe me.


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