Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 20, 2011

Burnished Bright…

You awaken thinking there isn’t that much time left.  These last few weeks since the perfectly named Black Friday with all of its undercurrent of doom and menace have gotten under your skin and not a little added to the “so much to do, so little time” syndrome that infects seemingly everyone this time of year.  The Malls are a crush of people, and the roads there are a crush of cars.  And, you are confronted with a task and your decisions about the proper way to commemorate this event yet again, and to satisfy the longings and wishes of all those you love.  Perhaps this is the year to put before them something different, something which will at once please and satisfy them while also enriching their lives and raising their minds to thoughts of the true nature of the time, the meaning of the one day in the year when we commemorate the actual Birth of God in human form; the “fulcrum of history”, so called by philosophers and wise men..   Let your family awaken to Joy on the Merry Morning.  Let your friends when they come to visit be greeted as they enter by Joy, now Incarnate.  I am speaking about the gift of music for Christmas.

Of course you may wish something like this for yourself, but to share it with others is the greater pleasure.  So, whether you have in mind someone old or young, someone rich or poor; whether your thoughts are for a man or woman, boy or girl, may I suggest this as a lasting way to solve the common problem.  In many cases, if not all of them music makes it easy, and this time the solution may be found in the brand new cd called “Burnished Bright: Sacred Sounds of Brass, Organ and Bells”.  It  is a sophisticated and dynamic blend of  sacred instruments, perfect for this and any season of Advent and Christmas.  The heraldic voices of brass, bells and organ announce the majesty of Christ — his human birth as an infant in the stable at Bethlehem, his glorification on the mount of Transfiguration, the descent of his Holy Spirit in tongues of fire.  Christmas is not properly prepared for nor celebrated without music.  Christmas cds make for a very special Christmas celebration, a perfect Advent preparation and a joyous season for all, no matter whom or where.  “Burnished Bright: Sacred Sounds of Brass, Organ and Bells”  makes a perfect addition to your own collection or a gift for anyone whom you wish to favor with something jewel like in quality and of timeless value.

This excellent CD and others like it are available in many places, including our little place on the internet, The Christian Book Corner (t-CBC) where you may find individually and carefully selected and recommended products at discount, classical and contemporary works of literature, music and scholarship for all tastes and ages “Chosen with Care; chosen with Prayer”


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