Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 11, 2011

With Two Bags

Leaving the market with two bags
Of groceries in my hand
My eye skyward was drawn
To the west.  There at world’s rim
The sun was leaving, day all but gone,
Color fleeing.  Just at the horizon
The air glowed a hue of salmon
Turning turquoise, lavender and then
The most pale blue I have ever seen.
I stopped…my bags put down
Beside me to look once more on
The careless combination
Of color in the silken curtain
Drawn on day descending.
Overhead, night black already, hung
One star, the one called Evening,
Which winked.  I smiled, and on my way went.


  1. perspective is key to peace and happiness, there is beauty in all.

    • Thank you, Steven…how true.

  2. Beautiful post. Cheers!


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