Posted by: Peadar Ban | December 8, 2011

Miraculous Immaculate Gift of Joy!

A friend in Europe sent this little video to Mariellen and me this morning.  She has formed the gracefull habit of doing such things for us, and others of her friends, for some time, now.  Her appearance in our mailbox is always a cause for delightful anticipation.

Especially today, though, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I found this one…and the accompanying music, so right.  I am thinking now of the young girl whose simple yes allowed us all to become flowers in the universal garden of God. It seems all bound up in one to me, you see.  Mary, flowers, their beauty, our freedom, Advent, Christmas, grace, the Gift of God and our little gift to Him.

Which one are you?  Which petal, with whom do you form a  blossom?

Which note, with whom do you form a chord?

Thank you Fania, for this lovely bouquet!


  1. Didn’t have time to look at this in my email, today. I’m so glad I got the chance to remedy that omission by viewing it in your blog! Doubly delightful for the setting.

  2. Dear Peter,

    Just so one is clear — the “Immaculate Conception” refers to the conception of Mary by her mother, Anne. It was a doctrine declared in 1854 by Pius IX without benefit of any Church Council, and had no scriptural support. The reason for declaring the doctrine is complex, and relates to the discovery (by advances in microscopic instruments) in 1827 that female mammals supply an egg to the newly-conceived mammal, rather than positing (as had been done since prehistory) that all of the “life matter” came from the male seed, and the woman was merely a gestational receptacle. (Just as a grain of wheat planted in “Mother Earth” contains all the molecular “stuff” needed for a stalk of wheat.) Since it became clear to the RCC by 1850 that Mary had supplied one half of what we would call “DNA” to Jesus, it was necessary that she be declared to be without Original Sin so that the DNA she provided to Jesus would not have been tainted by human frailty in any way. Hence, the declaration of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception in 1854 as a doctrine about Mary being conceived without Original Sin (even though she was conceived the “regular way” by Anne and Zachary.

    • Good Morning Tom,

      How nice of you to take the time. For several years now Mariellen and I (she’s an organist) have been playing and singing at Mass in some of the nearby parishes. (It’s a position I sometimes find myself being very amused about.) We were in three of them yesterday and on Wednesday for the vigil. At each of them the priest mentioned the purpose of the feast. Had I not been before, I was by then well schooled.

      I want to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read and comment. It was just the thing my little piece needed, which was totally unconcerned with weighty things like facts and history.

      Happy Advent, Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year,

  3. Lovely.

    • Thank you Gabriel. I thought so.


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