Posted by: Peadar Ban | November 21, 2011

What To Do? What To See?

We have all seen it, the minimalist outline of a fish, most often somewhere on the back of a car.  And we know the people inside are, or wish to be known as, Christian.  That sign was one of the earliest examples of Christian “art” and Christian “culture”, the culture which formed and shaped the world we now live in.  Of course the world and its culture is undergoing deep and rapid change.  The place of Christianity and its cultural influence is by many indicators, waning, disappearing.  It has not disappeared entirely, and no one but God in His heaven, can know what shape and influence it may yet have.  Against the juggernaut of popular culture and worse things lurking in the shadows there remain a few producers of media fit for an afternoon’s or evening’s pleasure without the fear of shock or dismay.  So you find yourself wondering what to do…

It’s a rainy day.  The kids are …   Well let’s just say that the next couple of hours will be a “difficult grace” if nothing can be found to occupy them; something good for them and not damaging either to home or mental or spiritual health.  Or, this is the problem: You would really like to gather as a family and either watch or experience something good, wholesome and educational; something which might open up into avenues for discussion and growth.  But there is nothing like that available, it seems, on the planet.  The climate of today’s culture on almost every level and in almost every outlet whether it is high art or popular art seems to be focused on freezing out all that is now thought of in derogatory terms as “wholesome” entertainment, especially as it may concern children and family centered films and dvds.  What is PG today would have been R only a few years ago.  And G it seems has gone back to its place in the alphabet in fear of its own survival.

Granted that the flood of things coming from the main media outlets and over the broadcast waves into our homes is often highly problematical, if not offensive, one cannot retreat into a closed room.  There are many sources of and outlets for good films and dvds today, perhaps more than one might expect.  Christian and Catholic DVDs, films and videos are being produced for children and adults that are of superior quality and have received good reviews for content.  Whether your desire is for inspirational, educational, informational or simple entertainment value in Christian or specifically Catholic films, DVDs or tapes the carefully chosen products at places like the Christian Book Corner (t-CBC) will accommodate your wishes and needs.

There you’ll find a select and growing offering of new and classical family videos with a solid Christian world view.  These items come well reviewed and recommended.  They include stories of holy men and women, saints and martyrs of the Church from her beginnings to the present day. It provides reliably chosen Christian DVDs, films and videos which conform to the highest cinematic standards and are both inspirational and entertaining.  Their selection of Christian and Catholic themed films, videos,  DVD’s and animated features will not disappoint you.


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