Posted by: Peadar Ban | September 6, 2011

Show Me God! Then I’ll Believe In Him.

Many new voices lately loudly proclaim that the time for faith, for belief in God is over, and we must begin to count only on ourselves because that is all there is to count on. However, this is only the latest in the long line of people who say, “Show me God! Then I’ll believe in Him.” Perhaps it takes a simple and humble person to see the absurdity of that point of view, someone like St. John Vianney, the Cure d’Ars, who said, “The eyes of the world see no further than this life, as mine see no further than this wall when the church door is shut. The eyes of the Christian see deep into eternity.”

The problem facing us as Christian believers is manifold:  an explanation of faith to those who will not see; a defense of faith before sceptics; teaching faith to those whose eyes are not yet opened, whose hearts are not yet formed. We are all “apostles’ sent to go out to all the nations and spread the good news.  Such work needs preparation and tools with which to do it properly, to proclaim and defend our faith and to form others, especially our children, in the Truth. Christian apologetics deals in equal parts with Christian history, symbolism, sacraments, customs and traditions.

The Christian Book Corner offers a rich supply of books and other media about Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and other faith traditions. Here you will find works which deal with the history of Christianity, its teachings, sacraments, practices and symbols. In these books about Christian history and the its rich traditions and practices, the serious Christian, and the student of religious and sacramental life will learn what it means to be Christian, and how to explain one’s life as a Christian, a believer, to someone who does not understand it, or who has never heard about it. Christians are spread across the globe, Coptic, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant all part of the family of faith which has lasted for more than twenty centuries. At we have books that will help you achieve a better understanding of the rich history of Christian faith and Christians through the centuries.

Some of these works deal with our struggle against a world still in many ways hostile to Truth. Some of them deal with the amazing parallelism between the sacramental life and simply life as it is; how the world itself is a sacrament to those who see. Some of them present us with a picture of Christian heroes, saints of the church, whose virtues and struggles are an inspiration to the rest of us. All of them deal with that “Mere Christianity” which provides the only answer to the nagging question all of us must face, “Why am I here?”  Helping you learn how to answer is one major reason why The Christian Book Corner offers these great resources at every day discount prices.


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