Posted by: Peadar Ban | August 18, 2011

Five Thirty, August Morning

Step outside this time of day and see
Fire in the sky lighting up the east.
See the night in rout beat swift retreat
Beyond high gold fringed clouds and hear
The trill of tireless crickets in the weeds.

Jays, too, exuberant klaxons blaring loud
Awaken every living thing around
With frantic calls bouncing off the clouds
Punctuating that soprano drone
Of crickets who when daylight’s here let down.

Look up at the moon high and shining, still
A beacon whose pure whiteness will
Fade against the flame of day grown full
But never leave, and Venus all the while,
Or is it Saturn, ever wise and watchful

By her side, while one frantic bat flies
In crazy circles round the waking sky.


  1. Nice! I was just at a lake in Maine and it describes the same scene perfectly!

    • That bat must move with the speed of light, Rose-Marie 🙂

  2. Feeling somewhat sad, to be sure. Here we are nearing Spring, and two nights ago in the frost, for the first time this year, no crickets, katydids, rather, a different kind of silence.

    nice to share your garden Peter,

    • Just back in from this morning’s look, Alys. The sky is clear. The moon and her consort keep watch before the deep blue veil of waking day. No birds yet sing, nor does that one lone bat frantic fly. Against the empty sky the still sleeping trees hang dark and deep in their untroubled sleep while at my slippered feet wet grass waits barely green and still in a cool blanket of dew, and only crickets and a neighbor’s kitchen light welcome me here.

  3. Still loving your poetry. And your response to Alys . . .

    Unfortunately the only bat I’ve seen recently was in our house, but that’s another story. . . 😉

    • Hello Sister,

      And thank you. You would like Alys, too.

      Tell me your story about bats, if you please.


  4. So we have had three bats in the house in the last week. Exciting, to say the least. I earned the title “Valiant” for my vanquishing of the first which was quite large. And so, we carry on.


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