Posted by: Peadar Ban | August 7, 2011

Your Attention Is Directed

You sit down after supper, or maybe with it, and reach for the remote.  The evening news comes on with its entirely predictable formula of natural and man made disaster, political venality, sports and celebrity misdeeds and weather.  For the rest of the evening you may find yourself alternately bored or angry at the steady manipulation of appetites while watching a series of ads interspersed by snippets of melodrama and situation comedy…whose situations grow ever more bizarre stretching the limits of good taste to the breaking point.  You have wondered why you continue to do so, anything would be better.  Actually there is a lot that is better.  Books are better, and we wish to prove it to you. Among the vast number of books written and published each year, there are many which are classics, providing insight and entertainment, leisure and leave taking from daily care, enlightenment and edification in their story and characters.  When one considers the wide variety of Christian authors who produce fiction and poetry of outstanding quality, as they have been for quite a long while now, one is thinking as we have long thought.  They are not so readily available at the major book outlets, but they are available.

If you wish to satisfy your desire for good Christian fiction, Christian poetry and books about those subjects, and with books concerned about Christian themes and Christian values the growing assortment of good books at  The Christian Book Corner on those subjects is just the ticket, as they say.  Literature and poetry were, simply, Christian poetry and literature at one time; and every category of literature and poetry: fantasy, fiction, science-fiction, romance, short story, novels and poetry dealt in some way with Christian teachings and values.  All authors were once Christian authors (and many still are, thank God), and one could feel safe that what one brought home from the bookstore was not only a good tale, well told, but one firmly fixed in the best traditions of Christian thought and values.  Whether it is fiction, science-fiction, historical novels, poetry or books about Christian fiction that you seek, you will find it at The Christian Book Corner.

We are satisfied that our carefully chosen and growing selection of Christian fiction, Christian poetry and books about Christian fiction and poetry will meet the most discerning tastes in those areas.  The suppliers are chosen from among the best publishers, whose standards are time tested.  You may browse at your will among the selections, remembering that all of them are offered at everyday discounts, and that the “store” never closes.


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