Posted by: Peadar Ban | June 9, 2011

Beaten Gold and Glory

Light is the first that leaves;
Leaves slowly.

Leaves, as always light leaves, silently.
Silent grow the birds, the last piping sadly.

Now, in sullen silence, dim day runs before rumbling
Bruisers massed behind trembling pines
Not yet frantic, not yet panicked, waiting
While beyond wind maneuvers
Violence into place.

Thunder charged
Clouds speed above the curling tops of trees.
Hail flights dive into woods beating
Down leaves in staccato attacks
Stinging, slicing rainblots against anxious
Grass rip slender seed tops down, down
Into mute submission, and then no more.

The storm strolls away, shows its back
To returning day, joyfully painting
Sweet relief and life again all over
Everything beaten gold and glory.

So settles night, soft, sweet.

Beaten Gold and Glory


  1. Love it.


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