Posted by: Peadar Ban | June 1, 2011


I’m reading a fascinating book by a fellow named Carlo D’Este, “Patton: A Genius For War”.  It’s full of little niggests.  Here’s one about a fellow named J. Walter Christie who was interested in building tanks for the Army, but never got there.


“Although the U.S. Army never fully appreciated either Christie or his revolutionary tank, the Soviet union saw its potential, and in 1928 two of his tanks were sold to thr Russians, who eventually copied and refined what they called the “Christie-Russki” into what became perhaps the finest tank of WWII, the famous T-34 that broke the back of the great German panzer offensive in 1943 at Kursk, ensuring the eventual defeat of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern front.” p.297


If you find the book read it.


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