Posted by: Peadar Ban | April 7, 2011

Present As A Child

A lot of folks will ask the question, “What is so special about Adoration?”  If you aren’t a Catholic you will not, probably, know what they are talking about when they use the word.  It’s all wrapped up in the firm belief of Catholics that Jesus Christ is present, “Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity” in the Holy Eucharist which is received during each Mass at Communion.  What is not consumed is kept “in reserve” in the Tabernacle in every Catholic church and chapel all ove the world.

Sound funny?  Sound, well, weird?  “Why so?” one might ask.  Is not God capable of being everywhere, all of Him, at once?  Is not the Risen Christ capable of being present under the appearance of a thin wafer of bread?  After all, shortly after He raised Himself from the tomb he took a walk with two men along the road leading out of Jerusalem, two men who had spent some time in His company before He was murdered, and they didn’t recognize Him.  How many do not recognize Him now?

Perhaps they need to be led to him like little children by their Mother (and His) and shown Who is present there.  This little story concerns one person, a friend of mine, watching such a thing take place:

“Today was my assigned day for Lenten Eucharistic Adoration from 8 to 9 a.m.  After a semi-sleepless night, I found myself not wanting to go.  But, after gulping down half a cup of coffee, I trundled off, slightly late, missing morning prayer and just barely arriving in time for Mass at 7:15.  Sitting a couple pews in front of me was a young mother with her maybe two, probably not yet three, year old son.  Adorable child.  I couldn’t help but watch as, during the readings, he would from time to time get a little closer to the center aisle than mom wanted.  She would simply reach over and gently draw him up to her side, where he would cuddle for a few moments and settle for a bit, quietly babbling now and then.

Then, during the consecration, when the bells rang out, I clearly heard him exclaim with wonderment,”WOW!”  And he stood on the kneeler, intently peering toward the front of the church, wondering where that sound came from.  At the kiss of peace, he gave me a shy a little smile.   After Communion, into the soft silence, came his sweet two-year-old voice singing some song that only he knew the words to.  I immediately thought of the song “How can I keep from singing.”

Mother and son stayed a few moments after Mass.  As they left the pew, she helped him to genuflect and bless himself with the sign of the cross.  Then they went forward to and knelt before the Blessed Sacrament, mother behind the son, for a few more moments before leaving.

Only after they were gone, did my tears flow in gratitude for the double blessing God bestowed in allowing me to witness the tender teaching by this mother of her son, and one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard.”

Perhaps.  Perhaps you, too?  Are you child enough?


  1. it brought such a sweet smell of incense in the reading, thank you Peter

    • You are welcome, Joan.


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