Posted by: Peadar Ban | March 28, 2011

The Shadow of Self Disclosing Love

The shadow of self disclosing love moves across my face like
Silver trout in a quiet pool
Flows, like water past a supple doe bending to drink,
Falls like leaves in a soft Spring breeze,

Flies like geese once more by the setting sun,
Settles like velvet night about the shoulders of sleeping children,
Sighs into silence like a rhapsody, resolving,
Ended but never done, like the last breath drawn

Ending but beginning in the ending.
Continuing, springing, singing, soaring,
Sighing, slowing, still moving always
Still in the shadow of itself
The thirst, yearning of itself;

Burning shadow, still becoming
From Being being flown, idea flowing, blown,
Full, final.  Final!  Never final,
Turning, leaving.  Never gone.

Hear, returning.  Hear it singing
Silent light in darkness staying.


  1. I watched the cursor blinking until the star flow screen saver came on– thinking what to say to you. Ha, ha. Sounds like the natural settling in focus to infinity and delicate blissful awareness– self actually onto self– progressions — finer levels of sensory experience. Point-Infinity flowing easily from point-infinity to point-infinity with lovely waking state appreciation. Nature`s cycles and beings– so sweet and comforting.
    Are you still puzzling on that email I sent you? Had a dream this morning about an old friend.

    • Early in the morning a few days ago (quite early)I was sitting reading something in a little journal called Second Spring. The author used the phrase, self disclosing love, to make one of his points. I glanced out of the window at the lightening sky and the first pale rose tinted light, the faint shadows forming, and the poem began to grow.

      Thanks for noticing.


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