Posted by: Peadar Ban | February 25, 2011

What He Said

St. Serafim of Sarov said:

“The Wrath is nearing .  Terribly it will visit us.  Us, whom no outer foe can conquer.  Bit the blight of the fall, the blight we harbor in our minds and hearts may do so when the fallen One spreads before us the temptation to be a temptation, the temptation to be a seeming good, loudly acclaimed, universally proclaimed as good.

(Pray) that we may be helped to choose the real good at our time of free choosing; (pray) that we may choose to be a blessing in the eyes of God, even at the price of being condemned by men; derided; possibly tortured, crucified!

The blessing of such great and subtle temptations is in the door they open to the realm on to the realm where the seeming good and the real good may blend.  They can!  If men are ready to pay the price: loneliness, each one in his own Gethsamene; stark abandonement by all , each one on his own Calvary.”


“Any action undertaken in the name of Christ can lead to (Christ).  Whereas a good action, no matter how good, undertaken in any other name may well be fruitful in some way, but not in this.”


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